Lesvos Wildlife hospital on Aegean island of Greece

Wildlife Hospital

In addition to being a very beautiful island, Lesvos is also a very important centre for wildlife of all kinds. Unfortunately many birds and animals suffer injury, whether from deliberate actions or through accidents. The Wildlife Hospital has been set up to try and help these creatures. I would urge you to support their work through a donation.

Where are we?

Odos Christofa I. Chatzigianni

Tel + 30 22530 32006 +fax
Tel + 30 22530 32007

Who are we?

Director: Mrs Ineke Peeters-Lenglet, BaPARMED

Wildlife Rehabilitator: Mr Joris A. Peeters, MA, Traumatologist

The "Lesbian Wildlife Hospital" is a NON-PROFIT organisation and is depending on the support of its donators.

What is our aim?

Although it is a WILDLIFE Hospital, FIRST AID is given to EVERY injured animal. If the animal is a domestic one, the owner(s) are sent to the vet afterwards. EVERY kind of INJURED, SICK or ORPHANED WILD animal is accepted, treated and, if possible, released on a safe place.
Visits are welcomed, but please call us before (so we are there when you come).

What is our history?

The Wildlife Hospital started in 1993 as a private idea of the two keepers, joined the "Animal-lovers Society of Lesbos" in the end of 1995 as a "Centre for injured Birds and Special Kinds of Animals", and is an independent Society since the end of 1996 with its recent name and logo. The Wildlife Hospital is a member of the E.W.R.A. (European Wildlife Rehabilitation Association), is associated with the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and is supported by as well the GAWF (Greek Animal Welfare Fund) and the GAR (Greek Animal Rescue) in England and the Foundation "Dierenhulp Venezuela" (Animalhelp for Venezuela) in Holland.

With whom do we cooperate?

The Wildlife Hospital is working together with the private- and State-Veterinarians:
Dr. Vet. Mario den Hartog, (NL)
Drs. Vet. Marielle Schuurmans, (NL)
"First-Aid-Clinic for Animals", Amsterdam (NL)
the Harbour-authorities (for Dolphins & Turtles) on Lesvos and Chios
and with:
Aegean Wildlife Hospital "ALKYON", Paros (GR)
University of Utrecht, Veterinarian Departement
and with several Ornithologists and Environment-specialists in Greece and abroad.

How can I donate?

By cash in a well sealed envelope to:

Joris & Ineke Peeters-Lenglet
Odos Christofa I. Chatzigianni

Cheque payable to PEETERS-LENGLET Wildlife Hospital sent to above address.

By bank transfer to the following accounts:

Postbank Nederland
Account Nr: 3611982
GR-81100 Mytilene/Lesvos
mentioning: Wildlife Hospital

account-number 001209827244
"Wildlife Hospital"

United Kingdom
Please contact us for bank details

For more information, visit our web site at http://www.wildlifeonlesvos.org/


Lesvos Wildlife hospital on Aegean island of Greece

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