Lesbos in the winter season

Lesbos in the winter


Most people might not know this but winters on Lesbos Island can be very mild and always is there the litte summer in January where temperatures can go up to 20-25 degrees.
Some people are looking for a period to calm down or had a bad year and might even take a sabbatical year. As every year several writers/artists/teachers are looking for a place to concentrateand for research or recharge.
Imagine having lang walks on the beautiful feelds or in the mountains and exploring hidden villages with local tavernas having an ouze with the local people who will give you the most welcome and enjoyable luch/dinner.
Listening in the mornig fisherman leaving for fishing with their boats while you still maiking up your mind if you want to get up or sleep in a bit and take the day as it is. Making, if you want new friends for life and maybe you might like it here to stay a bit longer once you have tasted the real life and had such a quality time here at the beautiful Greek Island Lesbos.

The Northern part part of Lesbos will be the best option to stay as there will be more shops available to get your supplies and from there its easier to explore the Island if you like..
We can reccomand Molivos village.
It wil be no problem to find a nice accommodation for you as the tourist season has ended and you can chill out as long as you want to.
If you are looking for a vew nights or some weeks the nassosguesthouse in Molivos village is open all year round and they have heating and hundreds of books to read!
If you are looking for a cottage, villa, houses just let us at info@lesboshouses.com

Look at our travel link how to get on Lesbos during off season or have a look below:

All year round you can travel via Athens or Thessalonica:
There are two companies: Olympic and Aegean. Do not forget that you do not pay airport taxes twice if your flight to Lesbos is not later than 24 hours from your previous flight. It's worth checking with Olympic Airways or Aegean Airlines , particularly if it's not high season and provided you book well in advance. They will often quote competitive prices right through to Mytilini (MJT), with the advantage that your baggage is checked through to your final destination.
You can travel every day all year round through  Athens Airport and take a  local flight from there to Lesbos - Mitilini (Airport MJT). If you like you can take a ferrie/boat trip from Port Athens/Piraeus to Lesbos port Mitilini (MJT).

All year round for people who might looking for a cheaper way to travel you can take a flight via Turkey with Turkish Airlines through the Izmir-airport where you will need a ferry trip to Lesbos, there will be a shuttel /bus (2 hours trip) going from Izmir-airport to Dikili harbor/port because it is close to Lesbos (Mitlini port/harbor).
This dayly ferry trip from Dikili to Mitilini wil take about 1.30 hour and will cost for a round trip 10 or 15 Euros.
There is an other daily ferry going from Ayvalik port  (Turky) to Mitilini also about 1.30 minutes trip, but its more expensive (round trip is 35 Euros).

During off season these ferries wil go only:
* Tuesday from Dikili to Mitilini leaving at 17.00
* Thursday Ayvalik to Mitilini  leaving at 18.00

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